5 Tips for a Successful Fraternity Social

It's hard to believe but it's already that time of year! If you are involved in a fraternity or sorority, it's time to start planning your annual social parties. Our Lake of the Ozarks cruise ship is the ideal spot for you to enjoy your upcoming social event! The Celebration Cruises have TWO cruise ships available to float down the lake, provide a spectacular meal, and serve tasty drinks to help you celebrate this year as a fraternity or sorority. As you plan out your special event, take a look below for some tips for a social party in which your entire group can enjoy!

1) Select a Venue Early

The first step to planning a successful fraternity social is to get a venue squared away early. Try to find a unique venue that provides a great experience for all in attendance. The people you invite are more likely to attend a venue that piques their interest. A cruise ship on the Lake of the Ozarks can provide exactly what you need for your upcoming social party.

2) Send a Formal Invitation

Whether you're inviting a sorority to join in your fraternity party (or vise versa) or you are inviting dates at your own discretion, be sure to formally invite your guests to join you.  A hand delivered invitation is a fun way to break the ice between the two groups and a great way to make a good impression.

3) Keep it Classy

A formal social is a classy event and it's important to remind your fraternity and sorority members of that. Remember to conduct yourselves as adults - you want to make a good impression upon those you have invited to join in your social event.

4) Choose a Theme

Although you don't have to, it can be fun to give your social a theme. Remember the above point about conducting yourselves in a mature manor. Fun theme ideas are Mardi Gras, the roaring 20's, and a nautical theme (because you're on a boat, right?). Don't worry too much about a theme, but it can give your guests a fun excuse to dress up!

5) Document Your Event

Be sure to take plenty of pictures and videos from your fraternity or sorority social. It's a great way to document all the fun times had at this year's social and can help entice more people to join in the excitement next year. Those in attendance will have a good time looking back upon the fun night making new memories together.

Now that you' have these tips under your belt, you're ready to start planning! For an entertaining and unique fraternity social experience, the Celebration Cruises are here for you. We have a wide range of menu and cruise options available - we can even pick you up a specific location at the Lake of the Ozarks. Contact us today to schedule your upcoming fraternity or sorority social event - it's sure to be a GREAT time!

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